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Central heating controls - product tests 2014

Types of central heating control

Below is an overview of the main types of central heating control and how they work. Follow the links to find out more about each type of control and read about the products we've reviewed.

Programmers control the boiler. You can turn the boiler on or off, or have it follow a programme you’ve set on a timer. Click here to read more about programmers.

Thermostats let you choose what temperature you want your house to be. They will only work when the boiler is switched on. There are a few different kinds:


This guide gives each product a score out of 5. The score reflects our testers’ views on accessibility rather than any test of performance. The tests in 2013 were carried out by different people looking at slightly different criteria than those testing products in 2004, so the two can’t be directly compared.


All prices listed are guide prices, and were last updated in February 2014.

Last updated: February 2014

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