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Choosing a toaster


Loading the bread

  • Is it easy to push down the loading control?
  • Can you manually eject bread without much force?


  • Does the body of the toaster get hot?
  • Does the toast lift clear of the loading slots, so there's no risk of touching the hot metal parts?
  • Does the toaster slide about on the kitchen surface?


  • Is the crumb tray easy to get at, pull out and put back again?


  • Can you use the toaster with one hand?
  • Are labels and markings large and do they contrast well with their background?
  • Are buttons easy to press? Large buttons that stick out are better.
  • Are dials large and easy to grip and turn?
  • Are positions on the dial well-spaced? Cramped settings need more precise control.
  • Are the controls well-spaced, so that you don't press the wrong one accidentally?