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Consumer panel

A specialist expert panel of disabled and older people

The Research Institute for Disabled Consumers has a unique consumer research panel. Spread across the UK, with a range of disabilities - D/deaf, hard of hearing, blind or partially sighted, or with mobility disabilities - and from all age groups, the research panel is a unique resource.

UK-wide consumer research panel

  • Over 1000 members throughout the UK 
  • People who have a range of disabilities and are of all ages
  • Panel members take part in polls, consultations, workshops, mystery shopping and service evaluations
  • Specially recruited and briefed to ensure high standard research

In the video below, panel members share their experiences:

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Join our consumer research panel

If you're a disabled or an older person living in the UK, then use your knowledge and experience to help us with our research. Find out more about joining our consumer research panel.

Last updated: March 2019

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