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Cooking appliances pros and cons

Table of pros and cons
Do you want? Pros Cons

Free standing cooker

hob and oven combined

Less installation costs Oven will be placed under the hob. You wil have to bend down to work with oven

Separate appliances

Hob and
oven separate

Can choose what height to have oven

Can be placed at worktop level

Easy to pick and choose appliance type and configuration

Easy to upgrade one
element at a later point

May use more space

Need housing unit for oven

If replacing a free standing
cooker, you will require further work to install these two separate appliances

Need two supply points


Heats up and cools down quicker than electric ovens

Lower running cost than electric oven

Naked flames can be dangerous – many kitchen designers will advise against people with sight loss using gas

Needs to be installed by qualified gas engineer

Uneven oven temperature

Easy to control heat distribution in oven by use of fans
Many products to
choose from
Costs more to run than gas
Some ovens can take longer to heat up and change temperature

Easy to control heat

Good overall heat distribution

Instantly heats up and down

Needs to be installed by
qualified gas engineer

Harder to clean metal pan rests

Gas on

Easy to clean spillages

Easy to control heat

Good overall heat

Pans position can be very unstable – risk of accidental spillage

Needs to be installed by qualified gas engineer

More expensive than
conventional gas hob

Ceramic electric

Can look good

Easy to clean

Can be almost flush with the worktop

Just needs a suitable power supply for installation

Most now have touch controls

Can be smashed by falling objects!

Can be scored or scratched by sliding pans over the glass

Hot sugar or syrup type fluids spilt on them can burn into the glass
Can be expensive to repair

Most efficient when correct pan sizes are used for each zone

Hob Induction

Safer to touch when on, although the induction surface can heat up over time

Instantly heats up and down

Can detect when pan is on or off heating zone and switch on or off accordingly

Requires pots and pans that
a magnet will stick to

The cooling fan can be noisy

Standard and combination

Less cooking time than conventional methods

Easy to clean

Can be placed almost flush with worktop

Crusts on food are not formed

Locating rotary plate onto turntable can be difficult

Some self-contained foods
(eggs, sausages etc.) as well
as some plastics might explode, burn or melt


Last updated: January 2015

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