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Etac Ono

This test report on the Etac Ono is one of a series of wheeled walking frame reviews. If you have reached this page from an internet search, we suggest you begin by reading the Introduction to our guide to walking aids. For more information about the options listed below, see also our overview of wheeled walking frames and summary of the main features to look for.

Etac Ono - test report

Etac OnoEtac Ono, folded

Dimensions (H x W x L): 
750-1000mm x 590mm x 660mm

Folded size (H x W x L): 
750-1000mm x 590mm x 400mm

Weight (without accessories): 9.3kg


Shaped hand grips, lever brakes, solid plastic seat, optional padded backrest (£23), removable wire basket and tray, optional slow-down brakes (£32). Handle height is adjustable.

Our verdict

Handling: OK.

Hand grips: Shaped hand grips have a wide flange to support the thumb joint, which is good, though might become uncomfortable if they don't fit your hands.

Brakes: Easy enough to operate, and effective.

Folding: Easy enough, though does not stand when folded. Unfolding quite difficult - you have to support the weight of the frame while you do it and it is stiff.

Seat: Not comfortable. It is narrow and hard. There is also a risk that you knock the brakes off with your thighs when sitting down.

Last updated: February 2010

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