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Indoor aerial test reports

Our tests show that with any of these top five aerials, you have the best chance of getting good reception. All scored well in our home trials, and gave a good picture on almost all channels in each room. This was backed up by the technical tests, which showed good reception over a wide range of frequencies.

A well-designed amplifier can make a difference where reception is nearly there but the picture is breaking up. For additional advice and information, see our introduction to indoor aerials

Note that prices have been rounded up to the nearest pound. For details of how we assessed each aerial, see our test methods.

Recommended indoor aerials - best on test

The 5 best: indoor aerial reviews
Rank Model Performance Price
1. Telecam TCE2000 97% £15
2. Philex SLX Gold digiTop 27769R 96% £15
3. Telecam TCE2001 95% £20
4. Philex High Performance SLX Gold 27768R 88% £13
5. One For All SV 9215 81% £19

Other indoor aerials on test

More indoor aerial reviews
Rank Model Performance Price
6. One For All HD Antenna SV 9380 R00 79% £37
7. One for All SV 9141 76% £15
8. Philex SLX Designer 'Bridge' 27772R 73% £22
9. One For All SV 9365 R00 64% £25
10. One For All Full HD Indoor Aerial SV 9325 57% £35
=11. One for All SV 9021 56% £10
=11. Philex VHF/UHF 27747D/01 56% £5
13. Antiference Silver Sensor SS100 55% £15
14. Nikkai A25CX (Maplin branded) 50% £20
15. One For All SV-9320 DVB-T Indoor Antenna 40% £12
16. Mercury Magic Wand ST14 30% £15

Test methods

All products went through a rigorous and tightly controlled test procedure. We put each aerial through a series of technical tests and tried them in homes in different areas.

We carried out a series of technical measurements in a special radio-frequency test chamber in a laboratory. This told us:

  • how sensitive each aerial was, for picking up a weak signal
  • how well it covered all the frequencies used by digital TV broadcasters
  • how 'directional' the aerial was - that is, whether it worked best pointing in just one precise direction

We also assessed each aerial for how likely it was to topple over or come apart. We checked the lengths of cable included. And, for amplified models, how much power it took to provide that amplification.

We also wanted to see how well an aerial might work once you actually got it home. We tried each model in 11 different places, covering different signal strengths and a wide selection of transmitted frequencies.

Last updated: July 2013 (test reports December 2011)

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