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When we first produced this guide to community alarms in 2003, we carried out detailed tests on a range of the alarms on the market at the time. The manufacturers provided us with technical details of their products, and we carried out usability assessments with experts from the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (now Action on Hearing Loss).

IntelliLink - test report


Manufacturer Chubb Community Care
Size of unit (height x width x depth; cm) 6 x 19 x 21
Can send alarm calls to friends directly? yes
Speech full 2-way speech or switched
Habit cycle built in no
Answer telephone calls with portable trigger? yes
Portable triggers pendant, wristband, clip-on
Fixed triggers (radio-operated or wired) pull cords, wall buttons, room temperature, smoke, flood, gas, carbon monoxide, intruder, movement, health monitor, extra microphone, extra speaker, home controls, fall detector

Test results

Alarm features have been rated as poor (☆☆☆), average (★☆☆), good (★★☆) or very good (★★★). 

Alarm unit
Ease of using alarm button ★★★
Alarm speech quality ★☆☆
Normal volume ★★☆
Maximum volume ★★☆
Stated back-up battery duration 24, up to 36 hours
Signals and warnings
Unit has received signal light + sound
Centre has received call tone + voice of operator
Power failure warning light + optional sound
Loss of phone line warning light + optional sound
Plugged in phone warning light + sound
Portable trigger*
Ease of using alarm button ★☆☆
Stated outdoor trigger range (either trigger) 200 metres
Low-battery warning to user yes
Low-battery warning to centre yes
Setting off alarm with...
poor grip - unit ★★★
poor grip - trigger ☆☆☆
poor sight - unit ★★★
poor sight - trigger ☆☆☆
poor hearing - unit ★★★
poor hearing - trigger ★☆☆

*New trigger from November 2003 

Last updated: October 2012. Product test: 2003.


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