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Left-foot accelerators

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Left-foot accelerators

A left-foot accelerator is a possible solution if you can't use your right foot due to weakness, disability or amputation.

There are four alternatives:

Quick-release accelerator from Brig Ayd
Quick-release accelerator
  • Floor-mounted pedals attach to the floor cover the existing pedal and can be removed to allow other people to drive.
  • Flip-up accelerators replace the existing pedal and can by so the left or right pedal is down.
  • A removable pedal is fitted on the left with the original pedal modified to be removed or folded up.
  • An additional pedal is fitted on the left. A dashboard switch toggles between the two pedals.







Rica is grateful to Motability for permission to use the video below.


See more about left foot accelerators on the Motability website here


SAFETY: Left-foot accelerators take a lot of getting used to, especially if you've been used to driving an unadapted manual car. There have been accidents involving drivers who are unfamiliar with them. You must have a professional driving assessment before ordering a left-foot accelerator and take lessons with a qualified instructor before you start to use one on the road.
Get an assessment from a local Mobility Centre and find car adaptation suppliers here
Specialist companies supplying left-foot accelerators
Supplier Product Price
Adaptacar Sojadis left-foot accelerator - removable, electronic from £604
Floor-mounted accelerator - quick release; includes pedal guard from £411
Alfred Bekker Left foot accelerator - folds flat when not in use £322
Quick-release left-foot accelerator £375
Twin flip accelerator - flips up £375
Brig Ayd Electronic left-foot accelerator £604
Floor-mounted pedal transfer £280
Twin flip folding left-foot accelerator £375
Cowal Electronic left-foot accelerator - switch on dash  £580
Twin flip folding left-foot accelerator from £375
Premier twin-flip - organ style £520
Menox left-foot accelerator
Menox quick-release accelerator
Quick-release left-foot accelerator £375
Jeff Gosling Twin folding left-foot accelerator from £375
Electronic left-foot accelerator - switch on dash £700
Jim Doran Left-foot accelerator £450
Organ type £520


You can fit left-foot accelerators to cars with organ-style pedals. These are usually more expensive.

Prices shown were from the time of our research.
For current prices, find car adaptation suppliers and fitters here.

Last updated: June 2012

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