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Lighting, devices and kitchen accessories


If you are partially sighted a well-lit kitchen is crucial. Glare can be a serious problem so keep glossy reflective finishes to a minimum. Use lighting that can be centred over your work surfaces and kitchen appliances.

See RNIB & Thomas Pocklington guide to lighting in the home for further advice. www.housingcare.org/downloads/kbase/3037.pdf

Extraction hoods

Cooking on hobs can produce significant smells and fumes. Placing an extraction hood above the cooking area is a good idea. Look for push button or slider controls that are easy to reach.

Tactile markers

(Bumpons, Tacti-Mark, Braille)
These are very useful for marking specific settings on control dials. Some companies offer a replacement front control plate for some of their cooking appliances, which have aluminium braille bumps embossed onto them. They can be expensive.

Health Grill

These electric devices are very popular stand alone ridged cooking plates that clasp the food from below and above, allowing any fat to be caught in a drip tray.

Over-long oven gloves

These reach up to or above the elbow.

Silicon heat shield for oven shelves

These are an inexpensive way of protecting yourself from accidentally touching hot shelf ends in ovens. They simply slip over the ends of the shelves.


PenFriend is a really helpful tool that enables you to label food tins and packages using an audio label. This is played back to you using the pen in read mode.

Liquid level indicator

This device sits over the side of cups, mugs or glasses and beeps at an increasing rate to indicate how full a container is.

Measuring spoons

A set of measuring spoons offers a quick and simple way of ensuring the right measurements are used while cooking.

Temperature probe

(Talking food thermometer, iDevice)
There is a range of talking temperature probes on the market which are essential in order to ensure meat is cooked all the way through. One probe uses Bluetooth to connect to an iPhone app that speaks the temperature.

Last updated: January 2015

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