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Local projects

Local dementia research projects

Design of remote controls, Manchester

We held a workshop with the Fabulous Forgetful Friends group in Manchester to explore the needs of people with dementia when using television remote controls. We looked at what works and what does not, and considered future trends in remote controls and usability. The group also designed two easy-to-use devices.

Read the report: Design workshop investigating remote controls for people with dementia

Design of assistance cards, Camden, London

Working with the Great Camden Minds DEEP group, the aim was to investigate the positive and negative opinions that people with dementia have about the design and use of assistance cards and to propose their own design to meet their needs.

Read the report: Design workshop investigating assistance cards for people with dementia

Accessible transport, Belfast

Our research in partnership with iD, Dementia NI and Translink in April 2018 was to gain feedback on how accessible public transportation facilities are for people with dementia. It found that improvements can be made in the provision of information, especially with signage, wayfinding and ticket sales.

Read the report: How accessible are transportation facilities for people with dementia? A view from Belfast

Financial lasting power of attorney, West Berkshire DEEP 

The experiences of people with dementia and their partners of the process of obtaining a financial lasting power of attorney are the subject of our latest local research project working alongside people with dementia. We looked at how and when to get a financial LPA as well as what to do if you think it's being misused. Our research shows that although getting an LPA may look complicated, it's as important to do while you can as making your will is.

The research took place with West Berkshire DEEP and with Irwin Mitchell, a firm of lawyers. It was carried out in July 2017.

Read the Financial lasting power of attorney report

Read the press release

Using taxis and minicabs, Camden, London

Our fifth local research project working alongside people with dementia took place in the London Borough of Camden. In partnership with the Camden Minds DEEP group, we carried out research with four people to find out how sensitive minicab and taxi services were to the needs of people living with dementia. The investigation was in March 2017.

Read the taxi report

Read the press release

People with dementia visit Mecca Bingo in York

Rica local dementia research: visit to Mecca bingo in YorkOur fourth local research project was a visit to Mecca Bingo in York. Members of the local DEEP group, York Minds and Voices, assessed the experience of an outing to a bingo hall and made recommendations on how such venues can best accommodate people living with dementia. The research was carried out in February 2017.

Read the York Mecca bingo research report

Read the press release

The Royal Shakespeare Company: dementia-friendly performances

Our third local research project took the form of a visit to a relaxed performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, by eight members of the Redditch DEEP group ‘Friends Together’ and five of their friends and partners. The Royal Shakespeare Company has been providing performances for audiences with different access needs for many years, including (since 2013) ‘relaxed’ performances aimed at children with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, sensory and communication disorders, or a learning disability. The visit took place in August 2016.

Read about the visit to the Royal Shakespeare dementia-friendly performances

Read the press release

Leeds Citybus's NextStop Announcement - good for people with dementia?

Our second local project involved people living with dementia finding out how much the NextStop Announcement system installed on Leeds Citybus vehicles could improve their journeys. Members of a local Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project (DEEP) group called Face It Together worked with Rica on the research project, which was carried out in January 2016.

Read the Leeds Citybus's dementia research report

Mystery Shop of the Rochester Huguenot Museum

Our first local project was with members of the Kent-based Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project (DEEP) group Memorybilia who visited the Huguenot Museum in Rochester ‘anonymously’ in October 2015.

Read the Rochester Hugenot Museum research report

Read the press release


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