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Motoring research

Motoring research resources

The Research Institute for Disabled Consumers is a UK charity specialising in consumer research with disabled and older people.

We've developed a portal where you can access motoring technology research relating to older and disabled consumers. It includes research from industry, academia and third sector organisations and is of particular interest to those involved in future development.

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How it works

This portal uses bookmarks to show where you can find information on a number of research topics. Search by subject or browse the bookmarks or 'view' to see all the bookmarks.

Search by keyword, category (such as adaptation or consumer) or tag (for instance car controls, older drivers or safety).

The Motoring Technology Portal includes:

  • Vehicles (including Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles) and adaptations for older and disabled motorists.
  • Technical research, for example on secondary vehicle technology and the role of autonomous cars.
  • Older drivers and behaviour change.
  • Accessibility and usability of cars and other transport.

Adding links to a new document

To add a new document to the portal, use the Add tab and complete the form. It will be reviewed and, if accepted, it will normally be visible within seven days.

The person adding a link to a document is responsible for ensuring that this document is updated as appropriate, or removed if no longer appropriate.

If you have any issues with the use of this site please contact us: mail@ridc.org.uk

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This motoring research resource was developed by the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers and funded by the Motability Tenth Anniversary Trust.

Last updated: June 2018

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