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One For All HD Antenna SV 9380 R00

This review of the One For All HD Antenna SV 9380 R00 is one of a series of indoor aerial reviews. If you have reached this page from an internet search, we suggest you begin by reading the Introduction to our guide to digital TV. For more specific information, you can read about the features of good indoor TV aerials, and which aerials we recommend as the best on test.

One For All HD Antenna SV 9380 R00 - test report

One For All HD Antenna SV9380 R00 indoor aerial

  • 79% overall performance score


Performed very well, suitable for weaker signal areas. Tips forward very easily and has no power indicator.


Price £37
Stable? No - very narrow stand and when cables are attached it tips forward very easily
Flaws during testing? None
Instructions Yes
Usefulness of instructions Lacks detail; small basic diagrams and small text size
Aerial cable length 194cm
Amplifier (signal booster) Yes
Power Mains, through some set-top boxes or 12V adaptor
Power cable length 183cm

For the criteria by which we judged performance, see our notes on Test methods.

Last updated: December 2011

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