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Paying for a powerchair

These pages are about different ways of getting funding for a powered wheelchair.

NHS Wheelchair Services

Will provide a wheelchair on loan or through the voucher scheme. They will provide what they assess you to need and may not provide a powered wheelchair.

Read more here.

Two young women outside Cardiff Library. One is using a powerchair.Access to work

If you're in work, or looking for work, Access to Work may support you with a grant towards equipment you need, including a powered wheelchair.

Read more here.

Paying for it yourself

If you can’t get public funding for a powered wheelchair you may have to pay for it yourself. Our pages on the different types of powerchair and where to get them will help guide you.


The Motability scheme allows you to use certain disability benefits to lease a powered wheelchair.

Read more here.

Charities that fund mobility equipment

If you don't have the money you can try to get a charity to provide a grant. They all support different types of people and have different rules.

Read more here.


See information on charities that help children here.

Other ways to get a powered wheelchair

Some wheelchair users from our survey have had powered wheelchairs provided by:

  • NHS Continuing Care
  • their local authority (Social Services)

Last updated: April 2015

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