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Powered wheelchairs

Guide to getting a powered wheelchair

Two people, one using a powerchair. (c)Scope.

Thinking of getting a powered wheelchair? Here we provide guidance we put together with wheelchair users.
Powered wheelchairs are also known as electric wheelchairs or powerchairs.

For this guide, we surveyed over 350 powered wheelchair users - read the report and some real-life stories.

Download the complete guide as a PDF: Getting a powered wheelchair (2015).


Buying a powered wheelchair is a vital decision so it’s important to get it right first time. There are no independent product tests, meaningful reviews or simple guidance to help.
Our information here can help you:

  • work out how to fund your next chair
  • find where to go for information and advice
  • find what kind of powered wheelchair would best suit you

We also surveyed over 350 powered wheelchair users - the consumers.
Read what people had to say.


Getting a wheelchair into a car

Tells you about equipment such as ramps, hoists, racks and trailers and how to go about getting them.

Safety for wheelchair users on public transport

Tips and advice for safe boarding and travel.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVS)

Information on vehicles converted to allow you to travel in your wheelchair, as a passenger or driver.

Acknowledgements: This guide was produced by the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (formerly Rica) with funding from Motability and The Clothworkers' Foundation.


Last updated: April 2015

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