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Pure One mi

This test report on the Pure One mi is one of a series of digital radio reviews. If you have reached this page from an internet search, we suggest you begin by reading the Introduction to our guide to DAB digital radios. For more information about the options listed below, see also the criteria by which to judge performance and what are the main features to look for.

Pure One mi - test report

  • Price £30
  • Type Tabletop

Pure One miOverall verdict

The Pure One mi gave poor sound quality compared with others on test, and although a compact and simple radio, was not easy to use. You would need to support it while pushing buttons and it could easily be knocked over. The buttons were raised and their positions learnable by touch, but the 'select' button was tiny and cramped between two others. Button labelling was small. It also had a small, dim display with poor contrast - black text on a grey background. There were no preset buttons - favourite stations had to be saved through a menu. Its instruction booklet was in six languages, mixed in most sections, and in small print.


Size (h x w x d; cm) 10 x 20 x 4
Weight (kg) 0.3
Wavebands DAB / FM
Speaker/s mono
Headphone output no
Power mains and battery
DAB presets 0
FM presets 0
Preset buttons or menu n/a
Pause and rewind live radio no
Electronic programme guide no
Recording no
Selecting the station: rotate dial no
Selecting the station: press up/down channel buttons yes
Auto-select mode no

Last updated: August 2011

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