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Questions to ask yourself

Think about

  • the kitchen space you have and how it is currently used

  • your future needs

To help you with answering the following questions, also look at the pros and cons table.

Q1 Budget

  • How much can you afford to spend?

Q2 Environment

  • What space do you have available?
  • Do other people cook in the kitchen, if so what are their needs?

Q3 Design

  • Do you want to buy a cooker with a combined hob and oven, or are you going to buy a separate hob and oven?
  • Do you want to buy a microwave, either as an addition to your existing appliances or in combination with a new hob or oven?

Q4 Power

  • Do you have a strong preference for gas, electric or electric (induction)?
  • What power supplies are available at your home?

Q5 Experience

  • What is your life experience of cooking appliances?

Don’t worry if you haven’t got answers to all of the above questions right now.

Read on and prepare to visit a store.

Last updated: January 2015

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