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Samsung WW80K5413UW

Samsung WW80K5413UW

Samsung WW80K5413UW washing machine front

RiDC has assessed ten washing machines for features which make them easily accessible for blind and partially sighted people.


The Samsung WW80K5413UW has the following ease of use features:

1. Tactile features

  • There is a dial and buttons for power, start/pause, temperature, rinse, spin, options, and bubble soak.
  • The dial to select programmes clicks into place.

2. Audio output

  • The buttons make audible tones when pressed.
  • There is an audible tone when the cycle is done.
  • There is also an audible tone to indicate an error message.

3. Visual contrast

  • There are small LED lights to signal the temperature, rinse, spin speed, and options settings.
  • There is an LCD digital display.
  • The colour contrast is black on white around the dial, black on light grey on the control panel, and blue on black on the digital display.
  • The print size is small but selections are lit up with a small blue LED light on both the dial and the control panel.

4. Simplicity

  • The machine is turned on by using the power button. Programmes are set by turning the dial. The other settings are accessed using raised buttons on the control panel.
  • It is started by pressing the start/pause button once. 
  • The buttons on the control panel are of a reasonable size but not spaced very far apart.
  • There are 14 programmes.

5. Verification

  • The Samsung WW80K5413UW displays the cycle time remaining and settings on the digital display.
  • The buttons make audible tones when pressed.
  • The dial clicks into place and the buttons are raised.
  • You can pause the cycle using the start/pause button.

6. Maintenance

  • There are no auto-cleaning programmes or settings.
  • The detergent tray is easy to remove and clean.
  • The Samsung WW80K5413UW features Samsung's Smart Check system

7. Smart features

  • Samsung's Smart Check-enabled machines can be connected to an app (on either Android or iOS). The app provides troubleshooting advice and solutions.

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Last updated: May 2019

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