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Sandstrom SRDAB10

This test report on the Sandstrom SRDAB10 is one of a series of digital radio reviews. If you have reached this page from an internet search, we suggest you begin by reading the Introduction to our guide to DAB digital radios. For more information about the options listed below, see also the criteria by which to judge performance and what are the main features to look for.

Sandstrom SRDAB10 - test report

  • Price £65

Sandstrom SRDAB10Overall verdict

The Sandstrom is a sleek-looking portable radio. It is particularly thin and tall, which makes it very susceptible to falling over. Presets can be set by holding down one of the preset buttons. Once set, presets 1 to 5 can be selected by a single press of a button. However, presets 6 to 10 require two buttons to be pressed simultaneously, which isn't easy for everyone to do. The button and dial labels are very small, so are difficult to read. The buttons themselves are small and slippy, so not easy to press. The dials are also small and slippy, so can be difficult to turn, particularly if you have a poor grip.


Size (h x w x d; cm) 16 x 30 x 10
Weight (kg) 1.5
Wavebands DAB / FM
Speaker/s stereo
Headphone output stereo
Power mains and battery
DAB presets 10
FM presets 10
Preset buttons or menu 5 buttons + 5 via the shift
Pause and rewind live radio no
Electronic programme guide no
Recording no
Selecting the station: rotate dial yes
Selecting the station: press up/down channel buttons no
Auto-select mode yes

Last updated: August 2011

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