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Seating systems

Some powered wheelchair seating is static but you can also get systems which move. Many of these features can be used in combination.

Elevation or lift seats can rise up, allowing you to adjust your overall height to suit different environments. The elevation height and mechanism varies between models.

This type of seating lets you move between a seated and standing position (leg and upper body supports are available to support you while standing if needed). As well as helping you reach things and interact at eye level, spending time in the standing position can have health benefits. Some can be driven at low speed while standing.

Tilt in space
This type of system lets you change position independently without leaving the chair. The seat, backrest, armrests and footrests can all tilt together, relieving pressure by redistributing your weight.

In reclining systems, the backrest reclines independently, widening the angle between the seat and backrest. Again, this lets you change position without assistance. If you have this type of system, it’s best to have
powered, adjustable leg rests so that they can accommodate your position while reclining. A backrest that’s moulded to suit your posture should never be reclined as it will be out of position.

Last updated: May 2015

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