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Simple accessories for getting in and out

Simple equipment can sometimes help you get into and out of a car. In some cases, these accessories complement specific techniques for entering and exiting a vehicle.

Additional hand holds

Man using Car Caddie
Car Caddie

Car Caddie

This is an adjustable strap that attaches to the top of the door to provide a handle, which you can pull down on as you stand up or sit down. It's available from general aids suppliers and motoring suppliers.

Man using Handybar


This is a sturdy bar that you just stick into the catch on the door pillar ('striker') to give you something firm to push down on as you stand up or sit down. It's available from adaptation companies, general aids suppliers and motoring suppliers.

Leg lifters

Woman using a leg lifter
Leg lifter

Leg lifters help you lift your legs over the sill. General aids suppliers sell simple leg lifters for under £10. A simple DIY solution is to loop a stiff length of webbing over your foot. Or use a hooked walking stick or plastic bag – you step into it and use the handles to pull your leg up.

Transfer boards

If you don't have enough arm strength and dexterity to swing yourself in and out of the car, you may be able to slide sideways from your wheelchair using a transfer board.  These bridge the gap between your wheelchair and the car seat.

They are usually varnished or polished to make them easier to slide on. They can be used with a swivel seat. If you are very heavy, you may need to be fairly strong or will need an assistant.

Most transfer boards cost £11-£30, from general aids suppliers. There are also more expensive versions that have a sliding section which you sit on. These cost from £270.

Folding transfer boards

Autoadapt UK supplies two types of folding transfer plates, which are bolted to the car and are folded and stowed when not in use. They both also lower to help you transfer to and from a wheelchair.

Foldable sliding plate

Price including fitting: £574
Weight capacity (kg/stone): 140/22
Distributed by: Elap Mobility

  • operated by hand

Getting-up lift

Price including fitting: £1,902
Weight capacity (kg/stone): 140/22
Distributed by: Elap Mobility

  • has a power operated lift

Equipment that helps you stand up

If you need help getting on to your feet, you can fit a lifting mechanism. Two models are available:

Electric Seat to Standing

Price including fitting: £1,900
Weight capacity (kg/stone): n/a
Distributed by: Bristol Street Versa

Consists of a small folding platform that sits alongside the seat. To get out of the car, you turn to face out and move forwards on to the lifting platform. It lifts you to a height of 405mm (16 inches) above the seat.

Last updated: November 2013

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