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Suppliers of riser recliners

You can buy a riser recliner chair in several different ways. The main suppliers are listed in detail via the links below. Each supplier overview tells you what features you can find in the range of chairs that they supply and how they are sold.

Where to buy a riser recliner

Buying from a shop

You should be able to try several chairs and get advice and information when you visit a shop that sells riser recliners. Shops should have enough space for you to be able to try out the chairs properly. They should deliver your chair.

Most manufacturers supply chairs to independent specialist retailers - you can get a list of these shops from the suppliers' websites or by phoning them. Or look under 'disability' or 'mobility' in the phone book for a list of local shops, and ring them to see how many chairs they have for you to try.

Buying at home

Having a home demonstration saves you the trouble and expense of getting to the shop. You can see and try out the chair in the place where it will be used.

The sales person may bring more than one chair for you to look at. If you are buying at home, see our advice on how to prepare for home visits.

Buying from a catalogue, by phone or by mail order, or from the internet

Buying a chair without seeing it may be all right if you know what you need and just want an 'off the peg' chair as quickly as possible. But you won't be able to try the chair out properly before you buy, and it can be difficult to know how comfortable the chair will be from its description.

Make sure you find out about the company's return policy. Look for a 'no quibble' policy and check who pays for the cost of transport.

Overviews of riser recliner suppliers

You can view a summary of each supplier by clicking on the names below.

The summary shows which companies are British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) members and who follow their consumer code of practice. It also shows which companies carry out assessments, the number of chairs in their range and the features on offer.

Know your consumer rights

Check to see if you know your rights when buying goods and services online or when visiting shops.
Go to consumer rights here.

Last updated: December 2016

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