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Travelling with a scooter

​Mobility scooters: travelling by car or on public transport

Do you want to take your mobility scooter on a longer journey? Here are some options for using cars and public transport.
Smaller scooters are usually easier to travel with.

Getting your scooter into a car

Some scooters can be dismantled or folded up so that they fit in a car boot. You can use our scooter search to find out which scooters do this. Our car search will help you find out the size of your car boot.

Many mobility scooters are heavy to lift, even when folded or in parts. We've got information about equipment for lifting scooters (and wheelchairs) into a car boot. We also look at trailers.

Going on public transport

You may be able to take your mobility scooter on public transport - it depends on the transport operator and the size of the scooter. Our information on accessible public transport is for scooter and wheelchair users, as well as for people with other accessibility requirements.

More transport information for mobility scooter users:

This information on buses, trains and trams is unique to the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers - you won't find it anywhere else.

See also: our scooter search.

The Research Institute for Disabled Consumers is a UK consumer research charity. We don't sell products. Search online by product name to find suppliers.
Our unbiased research with real scooter users aims to help you choose the mobility scooter that will work best for you.

Last updated: May 2018

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