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Under-ring or over-ring accelerators

Steering wheel mounted controls: under-ring or over-ring accelerators

Rica is grateful to Motability for permission to use the video below.

See more about hand controls on the Motability website here

Kivi K5 under-ring accelerator from Elap
Under-ring accelerator

Steering wheel mounted controls

  • are electronic control rings mounted over or under the steering wheel
  • you squeeze the ring to accelerate - either pushing it or pulling it towards the steering wheel
  • are usually used with a steering column mounted brake
  • as they're electronic, don't need mechanical linkages giving you smoother control
  • are good for people who need the stability of keeping both hands on the steering wheel at all times
  • tend not to interfere with the other controls
  • 'are less obvious and take some of the stigma attached to driving with hand controls'
In January 2017, we held two workshops with new users of driving controls at QEF Mobility Services, Carshalton, Surrey. The research report which is intended for professionals advising disabled people, has useful comments and advice from disabled drivers: Go to Primary driving controls research report here.

Companies supplying steering wheel mounted controls

Prices shown were from the time of our research. 

For current prices, find car adaptation suppliers and fitters here.

Supplier Product Price
Elap Kivi K5 Under-ring accelerator n/a
Kivi K0 Over-ring accelerator n/a
Over-ring electronic accelerator from £1,825
Under-ring electronic accelerator from £1,825
'The Ghost' rotary under-ring control from £1,925

Technology to make driving easier for everyone is increasingly available in cars. See our report:
In -car safety technology: What’s useful for older and disabled drivers and available on popular models?

Find out about car technology here

Last updated: June 2012

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