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Wheelchair systems

The idea behind a wheelchair system is that your wheelchair seat and your car seat are one and the same. You use a special wheelchair whose seat moves into the car to become a front car seat - all while you're sitting in it. These systems allow you to transfer into and out of a car without getting up from your seat.

For some people, they offer a more dignified or an easier option. However, you'll certainly need someone to help you.

The wheelchair replaces the car seat, so you can't have matching upholstery or features of the original seat such as airbags, adjustable supports, heating, cooling, etc. You also have to use it as your wheelchair, so these systems may not be suitable if you need specialist support.

Considerable strength and dexterity is needed to lift the seat, slide it in and out of the car, and swivel it into place. Make sure you, or whoever is helping you, are able to do this. Some systems have the option of powered lifting and swivelling actions.

The wheelchair base has to be stowed separately, so you'll always need someone to help. Some bases are light enough to lift into the boot; others (especially powered versions) will have to be hoisted unless you have a strong helper (see Getting a wheelchair into a car for more on wheelchair hoists).

Overview of the wheelchair systems available

Below, we list all of the wheelchair systems that are currently available. Always try before you buy any of these systems, and check with the supplier whether it will fit in your car.


Price including fitting: from £3,800
Lifting capacity (kg/stone): 115/18
Distributed by: Elap Mobility

  • fitted to driver or passenger side
  • uses original seat mountings
  • manual lift - or use with the Turny Evo or Turny HD or Orbit for powered lift and swivel
  • options:
    • 24-inch (610mm) wheels for self propelling - £300
    • powered swivel seat - £400
    • powered wheelchair version (Carony Go) - from £6,500
    • adjustable lumbar support
    • optional side supports
    • optional seat-belt deflector (this lowers the upper part of the seatbelt and holds it in place)

Elap Traveller

Price including fitting: £2,990
Lifting capacity (kg/stone): 140/22
Distributed by: Elap Mobility

  • fitted to passenger side only
  • uses original seat mountings
  • manual lift - or use with the Elap Discovery for powered lift and swivel
  • options
    • adjustable arm rests
    • adjustable lumbar support
    • anti-tipping device
    • self-propelled wheels

Last updated: November 2013

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