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Wheeled walking frame test reports

We asked a group of ten professionals and two walking frame users to assess 18 walking frames. They checked out the various features the frames had and assessed them for ease of use.


All of the frames were judged to be mechanically safe by engineers at the lab, though there were minor concerns about three of them.

There is a risk of trapping your fingers when unfolding the Etac Tango - you need to push down on the sides of the seat to lock it into place, and you might wrap your fingers round and trap them underneath. If you're thinking of getting one of these walking frames, make sure you understand how the folding mechanism works.

There is a very small risk with the Etac Avant and Etac Salsa that you could use them with a loose front wheel if they have not been properly adjusted. This adjustment only needs to be done once, so shouldn't be a worry if any adjustment is done by someone who knows what they're doing.

Four-wheeled walking frames on test

Three-wheeled walking frames on test


Last updated: February 2010

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