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Where and how to buy cooking appliances

Once you've thought more about your:

  • home environment
  • budget
  • must-have important features for your needs

Go to a shop: take the design features checklist with you

  • find a knowledgeable sales representative
  • try out cooking appliances to discover the tactile landscape of cooking appliances and understand the control layout.
Tips for visiting stores
  • Phone before you visit and ask for someone to help you with choosing the right cooking appliance for your needs – you may need to arrange a time
  • Tell the store you are blind or partially sighted
  • Go to a store that has plenty of appliances on display
  • Rule of thumb – the larger the store the more likely it is to have examples of products on display

Store types

Warehouse stores (e.g. B&Q, Wickes, Homebase)

These can have a wide variety of products on offer; however they often only have a limited number on display. It is worth phoning the store to ask how many of their products are on display.

Chains (e.g. Currys)

White-goods chain stores, especially the larger ones, can be excellent for trying out the feel of different products.


Small high street independent retailers will often have limited space and consequently a limited range of products on display. Larger independents such as John Lewis have more products on display.

Web research

The internet is a great source of information with most stores and manufacturers having their own website.

Retail websites

Use these to explore options and start to identify some appliance types. Price information is often included.

Manufacturers’ websites

These are likely to have a more detailed technical description of the appliance you have identified. Remember, there is no substitute for going to a store to find out first-hand how the appliance feels.

Know your consumer rights

Check to see if you know your rights when buying goods and services online or when visiting shops.
Go to the consumer rights page here.

Last updated: March 2016

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