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Your needs

Your changing needs 

You will have your wheelchair for many years. Think about how your needs may change to make sure the chair will still be right for you over that time.

Your support needs

Do you need seating or accessories to keep you safe, help you maintain your posture or prevent pressure injuries?

These include:

  • pressure relieving and supportive seating
  • head and side supports, knee prompts
  • leg and foot rests
  • harnesses.

Your capabilitiesThree young women talking. One using a powered wheelchair

Can you set up and adjust the wheelchair, drive it safely and keep it running?

Think about:

  • getting the seating right to fit you
  • maintenance checks and charging
  • operating the controls and seeing all round you while driving.

Your lifestyle

What are you going to use the wheelchair for? Where and how will you travel?

Think about:

  • your weight and the weight of the wheelchair with you in it
  • getting in and out of a car and public transport
  • sports, hobbies and other leisure activities
  • your family and friends.

Your environment

Where will the wheelchair be stored and charged? Will it fit in your home? Cope in your neighbourhood?

Think about:

  • safe storage near charging points
  • getting in and out of your home, and the space inside
  • battery range, terrain and gradients.

Last updated: April 2015

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