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This advanced search feature allows you to narrow down our list of 636 scooters and powered wheelchairs to a shortlist of the ones most suitable for you. You start by choosing the search criteria (specific features or options) that are most important to you by applying 'filters' - these filter out any scooters or powered wheelchairs that wouldn't suit from the results.

Once you've done this, you'll see a list of the criteria you've chosen, and how many scooters or powered wheelchairs fit those criteria. If there are not enough results, you can remove some of the filters to get a wider range of scooters or powered wheelchairs. If there are too many scooters or wheelchairs to choose from, you can add more filters until you get a shortlist with a manageable number of scooters or powered wheelchairs.

Before you proceed, select which type of vehicle you are interested in:

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Choose a scooter/powered wheelchair feature

Select features to filter by

Choose the feature that matters most to you from the list below and then click Apply to set the filters. After you've done that, you can return to this step and choose the next most important feature, and so on until you're happy with your final selection.

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