Duku & Urban Foresight: Informing Product Design for EV Charging

Image shows an electric car parked next to a charge point with charge cable attached
Duku and Urban Foresight
30 Jun 2021

Duku's logoUrban Foresight's logoSmart Cities Consultancy, Urban Foresight, and product design partners Duku were drawn to working with RiDC because of our access to the specific demographic they wanted to talk to - disabled and older people.

In 2021, recognising the urgent need for accessible EV charging infrastructure, they commissioned us to run an online survey of our consumer panel which explored various aspects of the charging process.

The survey had 702 respondents, and the findings helped define the specification for the products that Duku were developing, and inform their decision process – looking at which concepts would be best received and most useful to their target market. The finished report was also used in securing further project funding to take the designs into full development.

“The research findings gave credibility to our funding application and confidence in our approach.”

 Andrew Aylesbury, Director, Duku

With kind permission, some key statistics were also used by RiDC to raise awareness of the access issues faced by disabled drivers of electric vehicles and the barrier this creates in choosing to buy electric.

“Our experience of working with RiDC was excellent. They provided very useful guidance and advice in forming our approach and what to expect from the results.” 

Andrew Aylesbury, Director, Duku

Duku and Urban Foresight went on to be awarded funding to develop solutions to the biggest challenges facing electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure accessibility.

We hope to work together on more research in this area soon.