How Do Our Consumer Panel Members Really Feel?

Two panel members sit in chairs side by side in BSL conversation, the man points to the girl and smiles
7 Jun 2022

‘It may be the idea we all need’

Our consumer panel, made up of disabled and older people is at the heart of all we do here at RiDC. It’s how we can confidently express people’s experiences and feed them back to the decision makers who design the products and services we all use. Letting them know what is or isn’t accessible, and giving suggestions for improvement based on the lived experience of their customers. 

This spring, we wanted to know how happy our members were with being part of the panel. We were interested in people’s motivations for taking part in our research and wanted to pinpoint what we were doing right (so we can do more of it), and what we could improve (we need feedback too!)

Interestingly, for the majority of our members (69%), the motivation to help change inaccessible products and services was the biggest driver for being involved. Being part of a likeminded community also scored highly (49%) as well as enjoying the variety of projects there are to be involved in (40.3%). 

I wanted to make life better for disabled people, because any of us could find ourselves disabled through age, illness or accident.

– Consumer Panel Member & survey respondent

Being disabled I was very interested in learning new experiences. Joining the panel has given me a sense of being in a group and being able to share my opinions. It's also nice that our voices are being heard which helps others.

– Consumer Panel Member & survey respondent

We were pleased to find that three out of four members of our panel (78%) were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with taking part in our research. Those who feel satisfied noted that interesting surveys, having their voice heard and having the opportunity to make a difference contributed to their satisfaction.

I feel our views are taken seriously and that the information is fed back up the line.

– Consumer Panel Member & survey respondent

Most (67%) would be very likely to recommend the panel to others. 

It is rewarding to take part. The projects are generally flexible allowing you to complete the project at a time that suits.

I see how frustrated disabled people get when something goes wrong, and I feel RiDC is a way to feel empowered.

– Consumer Panel Members & survey respondents

We would love to welcome new members to our panel, and it’s easy to sign up – with no obligation. You can take part in as little or many projects as you’d like to – from surveys to mystery shopping and testing products out at home or in person. Find out more here

But you don’t have to take it from us – we’ll leave you with the words from our panel members: 

You can help to solve so many problems experienced by disabled people.

Sometimes it's the little things others miss that can be the most important. When joining a panel I can enhance the little things to much bigger things that can change people's lives. 

Let people hear your voice. Sometimes this is all we have and instead of whispering the need for change, let others hear it. You will not be judged by anyone for how far out the box your thinking is, it may be the idea that we all need.

– Consumer Panel Members & survey respondents 

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